Upgrade your home Work Space

Working from home presents its own unique set of challenges.

I’ve been discovering this myself as I switched from working in a corporate cubicle for 10 years in to working totally independently from my home for the last 8 years.

Just to name a few challenges I’ve faced:

-Much less accountability

-Work life and home life boundaries become blurred

-Turning off the work mind at the end of the day

-Distraction is everywhere

You might tell yourself that it’s an issue with your focus, or beat yourself up for lack of self-discipline. But the truth is, our environment has a major impact on us, and arranging our home/work space to support our mental health is super important and relatively simple to do.

Here are some tips to help you upgrade your home work space to support your mental health:

1. Make it fun. Put art on the walls, add fun things to your desk, bring in some color, make it a space that feels good to be in visually (whatever that means for you).

2. Create a privacy barrier for yourself by using a room divider or push-pin some scarves to the ceiling and make a curtain that has you feel more private, and separates your work area from your home area.

3. Engage your bodily senses with an essential oil diffuser, sage, fresh flowers, a reflexology mat under your desk, etc.

4. Add life to the space by finding a nice houseplant that adds nature + grounding energy to your desk space

These are some simple things you can do that will shift the entire energy of your work space and bring in more creativity, focus and joy to your day.

If you want support with creating a work space that lights you up and helps you do your best work, check out my new 5 week program called Design your Dream Space.

Since this is a new program I’m offering a major discount to the first 5 people that say yes. Three more spots are available, so book a call with me to see if this is a match for you.

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