Pink Dragonfruit drink recipe

I’m all about making healthy choices FUN (oh, and colorful when you can 😉).

My new thing is to make a giant health tonic with water + minerals first thing in the morning. It helps me drink more water throughout the whole day and makes it fun to do so.

Here I’m sharing my recipe for this Dragonfruit Tangerine morning tonic.

You can really get creative with any of the ingredients just be sure to get the dragonfruit powder (Amazon has it, i use @ancientchoice ).

Recipe 🐉🍊:

-1 quart water

-1 fresh squeezed tangerine (or other citrus)

-1 tsp hydrate powder @goodonyaorganic for daily electrolytes + minerals - Link

-1/2 tsp dragonfruit powder @ancientchoice - Link

-stevia to taste (I do 5-7 drops) - Link

You could sub your favorite electrolyte powder, collagen powder and any citrus you have on hand.

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ENJOY friends!!! And be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel *Homebody with Erinn* for more fun ways to take care of your body + home. 🌈🏡💫

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