Developing *authentic* confidence

Lightworkers, do you want to feel more Confident?⁠

It’s easy to start a business and then hide out behind a screen, especially if you’re highly sensitive and introverted. Putting yourself out there requires an enormous amount of courage, and sometimes, starting a business is NOT the first step.⁠

Often, the first step is the exploration of doing your own inner work. The first step is going out and experiencing the value of what you do by practicing with people. THEN you will experience authentic confidence from a place of truly knowing the value of what you offer.⁠

Don’t try to skip this step because it’s the embodiment piece. (AKA How you actually show up, not just your words).⁠

Find a way to share your skills, gifts, and passions with other people that doesn’t require you to be an expert or to “fake it til you make it”.⁠

No need to fake anything. You are learning and growing and building your skill, and there is NO shame in that.⁠

Here are some ways you can get started in your purpose work NOW without feeling like you need to run out and start a business.⁠

- Lead a free workshop, meditation, or facebook live on a topic that allows you to play and explore with your skills/expertise.⁠

- Find others leaders willing to trade services so you can practice on each other.⁠

- Facilitate a group conversation on a topic that excites you and relates to your skillset - Share what you know and then ASK questions and learn other perspectives.⁠

Don’t fall into the trap of getting overwhelmed by the entire vision of your purpose work. Just start small and take one step at a time.⁠

What’s one way you can offer your wisdom to the world now? It can be simple.⁠


I love you! :)



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