4 Keys to Powerful Coaching

One of my biggest pet peeves is a Coach who talks more than they listen.

Whether you consider yourself a “coach” or not, coaching is a powerful skill to be able to hold space for your client’s transformation. I feel like any Lightworker should have a basic knowledge of coaching in their back pocket.

When we are leading and guiding (however that looks), we have a responsibility to understand the power of our words and how to not project ourselves and our ego/opinions into someone else’s experience.

It can be easy to get caught up in the fear that we won’t have the answers for our clients, or we won’t know what to say or how to help them, but we forget that it’s NOT our job to have all the answers.

Sometimes we forget (since we’ve been brought up in such a masculine culture) that it’s our BEINGNESS that has the greatest impact. People are coming to you because they’re in need of someone to listen to them and to hold space for them, not to overload them with more noise and information.

Here are my 4 keys to being a more powerful coach and releasing the fear of not having all the answers for your clients:

  1. Slow down. LISTEN more than you talk. Give them space.

  2. LEAD your client to the wisdom inside themselves. You are a guide, not a guru. It’s not your job to know everything or to give them all the answers. Teach them how to find the answers within themselves and you’ve given them the greatest gift you could ever offer.

  3. ASK QUESTIONS by following your genuine curiosity.

  4. BE QUIET. You’ve gotta learn how to be comfortable with NOT speaking. When you’re quiet, the person you’re working with gets an opportunity to wind down deeper into themselves, where they’ll often pull out their own answers. If you’re constantly trying to fill the space with talking you rob them of that opportunity.

Soon I’ll be launching a 3 month program for Lightworkers who are ready to speak up and start giving their gifts + facilitating with confidence.I’ll be weaving my own coaching education + expertise into this program to help bolster your confidence and release fear around one-on-one and group facilitation.

Keep an eye out for this announcement or comment "WAITLIST" below if you want it sent to your inbox when it's ready.

Love you and have a beautiful week! <3




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