Free Meditation Class with Me

Ever since this has all gone down I have seen so many people rise up and offer to be generous with their skills/time/knowledge/resources, etc.

My grandma shared with me two separate stories of people paying for her groceries at the store. Thank you, humans!!

I'm so grateful and inspired to see so many step up and share kindness with others.

I have been feeling into...what is mine to give and share at this time? How can I contribute when so many are going through challenging times?

One of my most beloved self-care tools has been Meditation.

I think that many people shy away from meditation because they believe it's "hard", or that they're not good at it, or they see it as rigid in some way.

But I teach and encourage meditation not as something you do a specific way, but as a process of allowing the peacefulness to rise up in us through presence. As a beautiful, gentle, highly compassionate, creative, and unique (to each of us) practice.

Last year I created a video class called Meditation Games where I teach 5 different "games" you can play during meditation to get out of your head, have fun, AND reap the massive benefits of these practices:

Inner Peace

Release stress

Calmer mind and body

Reduce inflammation

Increase Focus




If you’d like to be a part of this class and facebook group, I've decided to offer it for free right now to anyone who feels they could benefit.

In the group you’ll find the following resources to enjoy:

-6 Meditation Video Lessons

-6 Guided Meditation Game Audios

-3 Intro videos on The Power and Magic of the Mind

-Connection and cool meditation-related convo

Please feel free to share this with anyone else you feel would enjoy, appreciate or benefit from this class.

Muah!! I love you!

We're all in this together


Xo, Erinn

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