A Valentine Surprise for you :)

Valentine Fairy, here! 🧚‍♀️💕

This year I'm sending 10 anonymous Valentines out to people that YOU nominate. Friends or family that you love, appreciate, have been supportive, or just someone you know who could really use extra love and encouragement to show up in their mailbox this V-Day.

This will be an anonymous gift showing up to their home with some of my stickers, hand-painted bookmark, and an anonymous message of love <3

Please submit your nominations to me by the end of the day this Sunday, Feb 9th.

To submit, you can email me with:

- Their full name - Mailing address - Why are you nominating this person? - What do you want this person to know???

I'm so excited to send these out and spread love this V-Day!

If you want more info you can watch the 5 min FB live below:

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