New Seed of life Painting in the works

I'm stoked to share this piece with you AND a little bit about my creative process.

This piece started out more sharp and controlled as you can see (with the Seed of Life pattern in the center) but I've been playing with combining more controlled techniques with more messy, fee techniques.

There is definitely still more to do on this piece but I'm pausing here.

I never really know how a piece is gonna turn out.

I usually start with one thing, one idea, and then I try to execute it.

I rarely executive it in the way I had originally envisioned, but I never let that stop me.

I just look at what I've created and ask myself "What can I do next?" and then I stare at what I have so far and wait for inspired action. Eventually I come up with something and then, again, try (and likely fail) to execute it the way I had originally planned. Again, ask "What can I do next?" and then take that action.

I feel like making art for me is about letting go and being in the moment. And it also stems from a deep love and desire to play with color rainbows.

Once I realized how much fun that was for me, art making became very easy.

I'm excited to share my passion for painting and art-making at this weekend's upcoming event.

It's this Saturday, January 25th, 12-3:30pm at Cottonwood Creek Park in Encinitas. You can view the facebook event and details here.

I hope my share has inspired something in you. I'll continue to share more of my process as this piece continues to evolve.

Want to hang out on social media? I'm mostly on Instagram posting images and videos of my life and processes as well as Facebook, you can join my Art+Creative Community here.

Thanks for being on this wild ride of humanity with me <3


Click each image below to see it in full size.

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