You're MADE to feel good.

From age 13-23 I was in this cycle with my body:

-Emotional eating.

-Grabbing unhealthy, convenient foods that made me feel temporarily satisfied.

-Overeating to the point of feeling gross.

-Hate putting on clothes because everything felt tight.

-Feeling guilty, horrible, embarrassed in my body.

-Get a surge of inspiration to kick my own butt at the gym.

-Doing it for a week or two.

-Give up.


I remember looking at healthy/fit women and dreaming about how good it must feel to be in a body like that.

So, if you can relate, here’s the good news:

You’re daydreaming about it because it’s YOURS to have.

Deep down you know you’re meant to feel good in your body. Otherwise you wouldn’t be craving it.

This is the problem -

When we approach our body/health from a place of judgment/guilt/shame/wrongness, it’s INCREDIBLY hard to enjoy the process.

And if you don’t enjoy the process, it won’t stick.

You’re meant to feel radiant, confident, and SEXY AF.

You’re meant to have loads of energy, to shine your light bright and to be a grounded, badass Queen (or King).

How can you do that if you’re hating yourself in the process?

This is the bullshit most of us have been taught by the health and diet industry.

Here’s the thing - if you learn to LOVE yourself in the process, and if you learn to LISTEN to yourself in the process, it all happens naturally.

We’re taught that we have to arm wrestle life, and our bodies. But that creates resistance and the body can’t balance itself when we’re in resistance.

You deserve to love yourself.

You deserve to feel worthy and confident.

You deserve to ENJOY being in your body.

You deserve to ENJOY food that nourishes you.

You deserve to move your body in a way that feels delicious.

You deserve to thrive.

If you haven’t been thriving, it’s not because there’s anything wrong with you. It’s because the Universe is offering you up an opportunity for growth and expansion - through the lens of LOVE.

Will you say yes??

I am offering a 4 Month Coaching Immersion starting January 2020.

You receive:

-1, 60 minute intro call with me

-2, bi-weekly 30min coaching calls a month for 4 months

-Facebook Group for questions + support

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