I believe in you.

Matters of health and the body are deeply vulnerable.

Unfortunately, there’s not much tenderness in typical western medicine.

Most of us never experience going to a doctor and feeling emotionally held, supported or encouraged. Most of us never experience true presence.

But I believe these things are KEY to healing.

We all need a place to explore not only the physical matters of health, but also the mental, energetic and spiritual aspects.

We need a place to explore how our beliefs and mindset are affecting our bodies.

A place to be encouraged to listen to ourselves and to heal ourselves.

A place to create gentle and gradual lifestyle changes that lead to powerful healing outcomes.

We need to BELIEVE and KNOW that it IS possible to get better. And we may need someone to be there to lead the way and hold that vision for us.

That is exactly why I am a Health Coach.

To create this energy and this space for people. To create positivity, compassion, and options besides pharmaceutical drugs.

We really tend to overcomplicate our health.

We choose tricky diets. We force ourselves to do radical things. We may even believe (because we’re told by our doctor) that we’ll never ever be able to heal or to be ok again.


Whatever is going on with you, I believe 100% that you CAN get better.

And if your doctor won’t tell you that, I WILL.

Powerful healing happens when we simply LISTEN to the messages of our bodies. When we eat simple, clean foods that come from the earth. When we let ourselves feel our emotions. When we look at our mindset, our beliefs and our fears. When we learn to calm ourselves and quiet our busy minds. When we allow ourselves to be supported by another human being.

All those things may seem really scary. But, trust me, they’re not nearly as scary as being in a body that’s debilitated by disease or poor health.

We all deserve this kind of sacred healing space.

And until all of these things are implied when we go to the doctor…. I will create them as a health coach NOW.


You deserve to know that you are powerful beyond belief and that you have the power to heal yourself.

You deserve to have someone in your corner that knows this and will remind you of it persistently until you know it too.