My 10 year anniversary

Hi Friends

I just realized this upcoming NYE is the 10 year anniversary of my 50 pound weight loss in 2010.

That decision changed the entire course of my life.

As I began eliminating foods, cooking my own meals and working out, I also started painting. I ended an engagement and left my home, and a year after that I signed up for Health Coaching school.

As someone who feels the call to Women’s Transformational Leadership work, my path calls fourth the highest in me.

My body demands high quality foods for me to feel and be at my most vital.

Our heath isn’t separate from our great work in the world - it can be the great catalyst for that work to channel through, through our own self-love and self-devotion.

Us being in our best-feeling, healthy body is of service to all begins (and the Earth), including our clients.

In fact, if we aren’t taking exquisite care of ourselves, who are we to lead others?

Come join me for a Live Video tomorrow 11/12 at 11:30am PST in this group. I'll be talking about the importance of eating foods “your body can recognize”, and what I actually mean by that.

Those that stay til the end of the call will be entered to win a partial scholarship to join my upcoming 14 Day, Love Your Body, Whole Food Cleanse starting December 1st.

This is for those committed to their purpose AND ready to step into 2020 feeling AMAZING and more connected to themselves than ever before.

See you on the live lesson in Body Conversationalists tomorrow at 11:30am PST 🌈🙏🧚

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