Harness your Menstrual cycle - Book Club

I’ve been feeling inspired to share with you some of the books that have helped me along my body journey.

I’m calling this my Book Club 😀

The first book I want to share with you is Moon Time by Lucy H. Pearce, Harness the ever-changing energy of your menstrual cycle.

Women, I don’t know about you but I was never taught to see my "period" as anything other than a nuisance.

When I started doing woman’s work and attending women’s circles years ago I began learning about the menstrual cycle as something beautiful and sacred.

This book really helped me learn more about the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle (Follicular, ovulation, Luteal and Menstrual) and appreciate what’s happening in my body from a mental/emotional/physical standpoint. When we know what’s going on in our bodies it’s so much easier to support ourselves!

I highly recommend this book for any woman who wants to know her body better and especially for any young girls coming into their moon time.

I wish I had a book like this when I was 13 to help me understand and appreciate what was actually happening inside me.

I can’t wait to give this book to my daughter when the days comes. And I hope sharing this will touch you and any young woman you know, and help us usher in a new generation of women who know how powerful and beautiful their bodies are at the START of their lives.

Watch the short 2 min video below or here on my YouTube channel.

Blessings sisters 🌈🙏🏼

You can find it on amazon


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