Stretching - Feel yummy in your body (video)

Hello Earthlings!!

I have a new video for you! On stretching and 5 simple stretches I do daily for the lower body.

Stretching is so important for our physical health. When we do repetitive motion (sitting, walking, running, weights or even just the daily things we do) our muscles shorten and tighten.

Stretching helps elongate the muscles back and keeps us flexible so we have full range of motion and our muscles don't lock up.

"What happens to things that don't bend?" ((THEY BREAK!))

(Yes, that's a quote from Daenerys Targaryen).

If you want the full video you can get it below, in my FB group Body Conversationalists or on Youtube.


(The youtube link is nice cuz you can bookmark it on your Favorites and come back to it later).

Hope you enjoy!!

If these are helpful for you please let me know and I will make more perhaps one for the mid and upper body :).


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