Ready to access your Magic?

I know I am a magical being. I know I’ve lived many many lives here on planet earth (and other planets). I know I am made of the same stuff as the stars. I know I’m a wanderer of the cosmos, and a student of life.

I’ve craved a connection to this knowing and to magical realms my whole life. But when you’re a sensitive being in a world like ours, a world begging for a makeover, you know it can be really hard to feel the magic.

I believe I’ve been on a journey of rediscovering (and creating) my own magic for years, and the body is one of the ways I’ve begun to do that.

To know that our bodies are speaking to us, to be able to understand them, to sink deeper into intuition, to let source create through us by making art (whatever form that takes)… these things have produced such feelings of magic for me.

Now I paint magical worlds.

I talk and communicate with my body every day.

I’m creating a relationship with the God inside of me instead of always reaching outside myself.

I believe you’re here not only here to communicate with your body but to access the magic that lives and breathes inside of you.

We forget that we are magic when we get caught up in human things and forget to be present. But I believe that our connection to the magic of the universe, the Earth, and the magic inside of us creates MASSIVE access to healing, confidence and transformation.

If you’re craving this, check out my new class call “How to Talk to your Body”. It’s a 6 video deep-dive into a new reality of grounded magic, sovereignty, and self-love.

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