Who are you beyond fear?

In Ireland I did a cord cutting ceremony at this incredible rock formation 1000 years older than the Egyptian Pyramids called Loughcrew.

I leaned up against this gigantic stone structure. I let the strength of the stone hold and support me with my bare feet on the dewy earth.

I looked up at this magical priestess who said to me “Do I have permission to cut these cords?”. I said “yes” and she nodded, whispered a prayer, and raised this massive metal sword up into the air.

Immediately I had a vision of hundreds of little energy cords coming from me going out to hundreds of faceless, nameless humans. I have no idea who any of them even were, but at the moment, when I felt the weight of the sword hit the earth, tears streamed down my face. I could feel the release and I could feel all the fear that had been leaking my energy to worrying about what so many people think of me.

Who am I without all the fear of what others think of me? What is the truth that really wants to flow out of me?

Who am I?
 What do I want? 
What is my purpose?

This morning in my meditation, I said this inside myself, “Soul step forward, ego step back”.

And I felt it. I felt the fear shrink back and I felt the power of me step forward.

This is me.

Not the one that’s scared of being judged or scared of failing or not being perfect.

I’m the proud one. The sovereign one. The wise one. The courageous one. The patient one. The magical one. The trusting one. The one that knows I’m connected to it all. The one that feels it.

I’m the one that’s free. I’m the one that’s worthy of everything good. I’m the one that loves. I’m the one that sparkles.

I’m the loving awareness peering out from behind these green eyes.

Who are you?

The you beyond fear. The you that knows you came here for a purpose bigger than you can even fully understand. The you that isn’t afraid to make mistakes, or of what other people think.

Who is that you????