I'm a Student of my Body

I’m a constant student of my body.

Last week I was making breakfast and opening a fresh jar of jam. I opened it so hard that my wrist screamed in pain and felt achy and tender after. When I moved in certain ways she’d scream again.

So the rest of the week I’ve been babying her and WOW, have I been noticing a lot about myself through this.

How freaking fast I move through life.

How I'll push myself to the brink of hurting myself.

How I rarely ask for help.

The body is such an amazing mirror into ourselves. Such an amazing doorway to transformation if we're willing to listen and dance with it.

My body is my biggest teacher.

Her pain reminds me to slow down, to be more present and intentional, to ask for help, to be HERE.

When I forget to feel her, I get caught up in my mind and I forget.

My body is my anchor to this earth.

My body is my anchor to my magic.

My body is my anchor to my creativity

My body is my anchor to the present moment.

My body is my ally.

My body is intelligent and communicating tons of things to me, all the time.

Instead of seeing my body as something that limits me, I see my body as something that teaches me.

Cuz let’s face it...i NEED more slowness. I NEED more presence.

Thank you Body for being my teacher.

I know with all my heart that anyone willing to be a student of their body will grow LEAPS and BOUNDS.

So, thank you for being here friends, on this journey with me <3

I honor you so much for your willingness.

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