Show up for your creativity

When I talk to people about creating art, so often they tell me they aren’t creative. . But, are they showing up with the paint brush (or whatever creative tool) in hand and making a move to create?? Often no. . The other thing people tell me when I share about my love for painting and creating is that THEY are feeling some kind of call to paint or create in their own way. . Here’s the thing - when you show up for your creativity your creativity shows up for you. . Do it. Make a move. Whatever it is. Especially if you feel the call. . Give the creative energy an opportunity to come. Because if you don’t show up with the pen or brush or whatever it is in hand- the creativity has no way to reach you. It’s your job to create space for it to come. . It’s not your job to judge. It’s not your job to make it perfect. . It’s your job to play. . And see what unfolds.....

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A glimpse of some of the magic that was created today with my soul sister _chelsearoses ☀️👭🌈 So gr
Welcome to my new workspace dreamland 🙏🏼🌈✨ #rainbowworshipper #scenesfrommyaltar #createyourlife
Something yummy's happening....
A wooden bowl full of Earth magic makes an excellent footrest 🙏🏼#earthmagic #grounding 🌎✨
Energy portrait _I am the Light_, in watercolor 🙏🏼 More to come this Friday when I launch my first
Morning soul food 🤸‍♂️🌈
Macrame treasure trove coming soon (March 3rd)!! Here's another sneak peak 🤓🙌🏼🌈 #macrame
Yum yum crystal playtime ✨ #scenesfrommyaltar #rainbowworshipper
3. Then a photoshoot to capture it all
Morning rainbows 🙌🏼🌈🌈
Soooo much deliciousness coming through on my call today with Lola _medicinekeeper 🙏🏼 So excited t
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