Compassionate + Joyful Exercise

This time lapse video below is me getting a good stretch in today after a 2.2 mile run and 30 flights of stairs.

Exercise has become another sanctuary for me.

Movement is my way to work through excess energy, anxiety, and stagnancy in my body.

On vacation someone said “you don’t need to, you’re already beautiful.” Interesting 🤔

Honestly, I’m not doing it to look beautiful. I’m doing it to feel strong, powerful, and vibrant.

I’m finally enjoying it. And exercising from a compassionate place.

This exact thing was the exact struggle I had for years - pushing my body to the edge and doing it ALL for vanity.

It felt soulless and eventually my motivation wore out. Many times. Over and over again.

I have to say, this way is much more fun.

I’m creating something new - a video series about Compassionate + Joyful Exercise. Is that something that would be helpful to you?

If so, feel free to reply with your questions, challenges, desires, etc.

I’d love to address all of it in the video series for you.

Also feel free to message me, I'd open and available for interesting conversation around this ♥️♥️♥️

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