A personal share...

On vacation at Lake Powell I had one of the biggest Colitis flares I’ve ever had. For about 20 hours I was in horrible gut wrenching pain and throwing up. It felt like my organs were twisting up in hot knots. I just kept asking God to help, kept asking my body what she needed from me, kept crying and breathing and basically that’s all I could do. Just wait it out. The pain I’ve endured with my body makes me so compassionate for those suffering on the planet who aren’t privileged enough to have the resources, support, access to alternative healing, healthy organic food, etc etc etc that I have. Feeling this level of pain makes me feel SO grateful for the health I do have and makes me want to set a new high standard for what I consume. Right now I’m taking it easy, processing still through the last 10-20% of the lingering pain. I share this because I know many people out there are struggling with pain or body/life challenges. You are not alone. Spend time being present with your body and that’s one of the most healing things you can do. Breathe into it. If you want to learn how to do this (be present and connected with your body), shoot me a Message. I’m opening space for some Free Body Communication calls for those looking to create a whole new (loving) relationship with their body. Love you all 🌈💗💕


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