Creativity and thoughts on "talent"

I’m really enjoying how this piece is evolving. It’s crazy this entire canvas started with the word “fuck” painted huge on the center of the canvas. Then I added a bunch of other emotions and words that were moving through. Seems like a lot of people are intimidated to create or paint. I have to tell you...I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. I just follow the moment and decide as I go. I try new things. I keep learning. When I “mess up” I paint over it or use the “mistake” to take me in a new direction. I flow with it. When people talk about “talent” I’m never really sure. I kinda feel like “talent” is simply a commitment to learn and continue to improve over time. I value art and I value I make time for it every week. And as a result I learn more and more as the weeks go by. And it excites me to continue to build this skill over my lifetime. We get better at the things as we practice. What are you practicing every day/week and is it the thing you want to be getting better at? 🙏🏼 #selfinquiry

#creativity #art

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