Is Motivation is a myth?

Do your ever feel like you're having trouble staying motivated to make healthy choices??

Maybe the problem isn't motivation, maybe it's finding a "why" that actually matters and excites you.

We've been taught to try to manipulate our bodies with food and exercise and to change them to conform to someone else's image of beauty.

That's not exciting. That doesn't inspire us.

This is what most of us have learned in a culture that praises thinness and teach us to fear aging.

If that's what's programmed in you (like it was in me), no wonder you you aren't "motivated".

What if you found a reason you really CARED about?

What if you felt your reason in your heart?

What if the thought of it gave you so much strength and confidence?

What if it inspired you into new visions of who you might become, or who you might help in this lifetime?

I bet you wouldn't need motivation then.

I'm by no means perfect, but what inspires me to makes healthy choices is the love + respect of this planet, this magnificent body, and a vision for my highest life that excites me. What I can do and be. Who and how I can help with this precious little time I have here.

Thanks for reading, friends.

Watch the 2 minute video below to explore this topic deeper with me.

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