You are NOT weak

When doctors tell you your body is attacking itself, it kinda makes you feel weak (at least it did for me). When you spend day after day trying to pick apart what your body wants and what it doesn’t, it kinda makes you feel weak.

When I went to Hawaii in July, the extreme climate change did something to my body. She seemed to be ok with the food, the cocktails and everything else that I wasn’t able to eat at home.

Combining that with a cumulation of 4 months of a loving exercise practice, I finally felt it.

My body is NOT weak. Ha! What a lie!

My body is fucking STRONG.

I feel it now. And I feel a shift in my body from just that simple knowing.

For those of you out there going through something like this, I just want to remind you:

- Your Body is smart

- Your Body is strong

- Your Body is on your side

- You are not alone

- You got this

Knowing this alone is a powerful catalyst for your own healing in ANY area.

Know you are strong.

Know that you have magnificent power inside you, the same power that birthed the cosmos.

I love you 🌈


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