If you're not meditating, WHY NOT?

If you aren’t meditating, WHY NOT?

Connecting with yourself and calming your own body/mind/system is THE number 1 most powerful thing you can do for yourself and your mind/body/energetic health.

You have ancient wisdom running through you.

You have the Creative Source inside you.

Why would you deny yourself the pleasure of connecting with that? (Not to mention the peace that comes along with it).

Some of the reasons I think people don’t meditate:

-They have negative or religious associations with it

-They beat themselves up for not being “good” at it

-They find it difficult (P.S. We ALL find it difficult, you are normal).

-They don’t realize how much it could help improve their quality of life.

-They haven’t found their own unique way to enjoy it

This is why I created my 5 week class “Meditation Games” where I bring playfulness to meditation by leading people through a series of simple awareness practices. Each week we explore one “game” and share our experiences, questions and challenges in the group.

If you’re ready to take your self-care game to the next level and want to create your own unique meditation practice that grows as you do, join us!

It’s so easy to not prioritize self-care when we have a million other things to do. But doing simple practices like these elevates your life so that you can show up MORE powerfully for your loved ones, your responsibilities and your SOUL WORK.

“If every 8-year-old child was taught meditation, we eliminate violence from our world within one generation” -Dalai Lama

We can transform the planet by transforming ourselves. Let’s do this!

Join us <3 We start on August 20th

Join at the link or contact me <3


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