A powerful lesson in Discernment

We've been taught to give our power over to doctors and experts who apparently know more than we do about our bodies.

But I disagree.

Whether someone’s a doctor, a teacher, a psychic - whatever. The number one thing for you in being empowered in your own truth and being able to heal yourself, is for you to have discernment of what is yours and what is not. What resonates with you and what does not.

One tangible tool you can use to play with this is asking your body questions.

Body, what would it feel like to eat that food? (Does it feel light or heavy in my belly?)

Body, what would it be like to say “yes” to this invitation? (What does it feel like in my body?)

This doctor told me this thing, what does that feel like?

Play with asking questions and feeling for an answer inside your body.

In the video below I share a powerful personal story around discernment and a tangible tool for you to start playing with your own discernment.

Xo, Erinn

#discernment #innerwisdom #selfhealing

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