Playing the long game with your Health (video)

We are trained to focus on quick fixes when it comes to our health, but playing the long game is really where the gold is at.

When we play the long game it's actually a more compassionate approach, because we're allowing for gradual changes to happen naturally and over time. When we push too hard and max ourselves out, it's not sustainable (and it's not kind).

We need to realize that this relationship with our bodies is for a lifetime, therefore there's really no rush.

When we can create a long-term goal or vision for our relationship with our body, it actually creates a more powerful WHY. A more powerful drive for showing up ever day in our lives.

Yesterday, I did a live video on 3 Powerful Mindset shifts to lose weight by having fun and releasing obsessiveness.

Below is a short video you can watch where I share about one of the mindset shifts, playing the long time.

If you want to watch the whole (30 min) video lesson you can see it in my private FB page Body Conversationalists. It'll be up and available to watch for free for the next week.

I hope this is helpful for you! Please comment below and share how this all lands for you :)

Xo, Erinn

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