Compassionate Weight Loss - free video series

I’ve been hesitant to talk about or create any offerings around weight loss since my journey began as a heath coach in 2012, and my own personal 50lb weight loss in 2010. Traditional conversations around weight loss have felt shallow, and unloving. Forcing ourselves to eat or workout in some unsustainable way, doing it from a place of force or shame. But I want to offer something different - The perspective that feeling good in your body is being of service. When I feel gross in my body, I hide and I shrink myself. I stay at home because all my clothes feel gross and I’m embarrassed to be out in the world. I hide my gifts cuz I don’t want to be seen. My desire is to help women rise in their power. Personally, I don’t feel powerful when I don’t feel good in my body or proud of how I’m taking care of myself. So this is why I’m finally stepping out with an offering for sensitive spiritual Women looking to lose weight in a loving and compassionate way. More than lose weight, they’re looking to come into harmony with their own body. By deeply listening, deeply honoring, and by creating loving habits for the long term. Why? For the greater purpose of doing their work in the world and showing up as their brightest self. For their clients, their families and themselves. I’m doing a free video series called Compassionate Weight Loss that starts today at 1pm pst in my private fb group. You can join the group or signup to get my emails to receive the videos. Blessings friends, excited to jam on this new topic with you 💕

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