Intuition and the Body (+ my new e-book!)

My entire understanding and experience of my intuition changed when I went through serious illness. Before, intuition felt like this illusive thing that I had no idea how to predict or explain. It was just like a random knowing that came and went. After I got sick, I became so keenly aware of my physical body. I could feel her responding to everything. I could feel her pushing me or pulling me into situations, conversations, guiding me, etc. I suddenly became so clear that my body was a powerful source of my intuition. Feeling her move and change. Feeling the slight energy shifts. Feeling myself in meditation. This has been one of the things I’ve been excited to share about because I know that we can all benefit from being more connected to ourselves and our intuition. This is why I wrote my new e-book (yayy!!) Check it out below:

Amplify your Intuition - 3 Simple Ways to turn Up your Inner Volume

I’m so excited to share these powerful tools with you that have totally changed my experience of my intuition and made it feel like a much more tangible tool I can access for my own healing and my general well-being in all areas of life. Check it out friends! I hope it provides so much support to you! Blessings friends, and have a beautiful week! 🌈🙏🏼🎉

XOXO, Erinn

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