Coming back to Center

Today I started feeling really anxious. My husband recently got back from Uganda and now we have all these amazing masks that he brought back. As we were sorting out where we wanted them to go on our walls I started feeling anxiety rising in me. Sadness about taking other stuff off the walls. Worried thoughts that I might not like this new configuration. Stress about feeling rushed to figure it out when I knew there were other things to be done today. I felt silly for feeling anxiety over such things. What a privileged life I lead. But making ourselves wrong for things like that doesn’t help. Shaming ourselves for our sensitivity doesn’t help. I sat in stillness for 5 minutes and just let myself breathe. I brought myself back to my center of calm and let the feelings release. Coming back to that place inside of peace. It’s really crazy what can happen when we just be present with our thoughts and our feelings. It’s crazy the power of just pausing to breathe. What I’ve found is meditation is a place to find myself again and again. To come back to my power. To realize all the silliness and stress that my mind creates. It’s a space to dissolve the “problems” that don’t really actually exist. “I am a powerful creator. I’m connected to my peaceful center. Everything is here to help me. I am supported from above and below. I am grateful for all that I have.” I’m grateful for this practice and I’m grateful for the power and confidence it’s brought to my life 🙏🏼 If meditation has been calling you, come explore with me in my upcoming 5 Week online class called Meditation Games. This is a sacred space to explore the playfulness, creativity and power of meditation and to create a unique practice you LOVE. I’m extending the early bird price for ONE MORE DAY and sending out one of my custom stickers to those that sign up (today only). Link is here for more details 🌼✌🏼🌷 Come play and explore inside the boundaries of your skin 🌈🧘🏼‍♀️💕 Come to anchor yourself at your center like never before. 🌈⚓️🙏🏼 We begin next week, Tuesday May 7th 🎉

Love you!!

XOXO, Erinn

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