Sensitive magical badass

Being a sensitive, magical badass gets to be fun.

As empaths we’re aware of the unseen all around ourselves. But what’s really fucking magical is when we become aware of the unseen WITHIN ourselves.

Self-awareness and self-compassion speed up the healing process and bring so much more freedom to our lives.

My favorite quote is from @dollyparton and she says “Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”

Meditation and practicing self-awareness woke me up to parts of myself that I hadn’t realized were there and were special. Parts that were waiting to burst forward - like my love of color, like my desire to paint, like my dream of creating a magical wonderland property.

My point is - we need more of your light in the world and we need more of your freedom! We need more of you sharing who you are on purpose. But you have to claim it first 🙂

If you’re ready to say YES to deepening into the uniqueness of you, come explore with me in my 5 week online Meditation Games class starting May 7th.

Early bird pricing ends this Sunday 🌈🕊

You can see all the details at the link below OR contact me 💕

Love you so much, epic magicians 😎

I’m honored to hold a sacred space for your blossoming ☀️🌷🌼


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