Meditation Games! New Class Announcement

I’ve noticed a tendency for myself and others to get very serious about meditation or even about spirituality in general.

But I believe that Spirit wants us to have FUN 💫

Don’t we all have enough seriousness in our lives??

Laughter is the language of angels!

So let’s bring more laughter and fun into self-care, and spirituality.

Inspired by this very intention, I’m launching a new 5 Week online class called *Meditation Games*, that’s all about bringing more fun and playfulness to Meditation.

I teach 4 different “games” to explore and use as inspiration for creating a fun and unique meditation practice that you LOVE.

If you’ve struggled with meditation in the past but want to reap the benefits (or just want to bring more playfulness into your current practice) check out this class starting May 6th.

Link is here with the deets 👆🏼and I’m offering an amazing early bird price for those that register before April 22nd.

You also get two awesome videos on the Magic of the Mind when you sign up.

Feel free to message me with any Q’s, I would love to connect with you! 💕

Let’s play!!

Xoxo, Erinn

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