One of the best natural highs

Making choices and taking actions that make you proud of yourself is one of the best natural highs I know.

This high is different. It doesn’t come on instantaneously, like a blast of smoke to the throat.

This one comes gradually and then crescendos infinitely.

When we make choices that we know aren’t good for us we literally make our life harder. When we ignore our inner wisdom we perpetuate struggle and pain.

Making a new choice, the choice your gut/heart/intuition is telling you is best, might feel difficult at first, like uncharted territory. But after you get the hang of it things get easier.

The ease of integrity starts to set in. Ahhh alignment.

Trust yourself.

Make your own life easier.

And watch a waterfall of self-confidence and positive energy pour into your life.

What’s something your intuition has been asking you to do/say/change?

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