Being in Integrity

Last weekend I attended a very powerful channeling event put on by my friend Vanessa Petronelli.

One of the most amazing things I received from it was a totally new perspective on the word “integrity” and what it means to be in true integrity with yourself.

Integrity is when you choose to do or say something that is aligned with what you know is your highest and best.

When we are choosing against ourselves and our inner knowing, we are out of integrity.

When we continue to make decisions that are out of integrity, we literally make life more difficult. We perpetuate challenge and struggle.

When we choose what’s in integrity for us, we make our life easier.

Putting it in those terms was so clarifying for me and I wanted to share that with you all.

Is there anywhere in your life where you’re making decisions (big or small) that are out of alignment with what you know internally is best for you?

When you choose integrity, LIFE GETS EASIER.

I have already experienced a massive shift with this with one of my biggest challenges: overeating.

Thank you Vanessa and the Pleiadian guides for this gem of wisdom.

I hope, through this share, it reaches and touches others out there <3

#integrity #innerwisdom #transformation