What is your genius?

There is something that only you can uniquely bring to this planet. Your gift. Your genius. Your art. Your totally unique perspective. I’ve been thinking about what creativity means to me. It can feel like such an illusive concept that can feel hard to define or totally understand. To me it means, the flow of life as it uniquely wants to move through each of us. Maybe it’s art. Maybe it’s music. Maybe it’s writing. Maybe it’s your voice. Maybe it’s all of them. It doesn’t matter. What matters is learning how to keep yourself open to it, so it can move through you with ease. So you can give your gifts, so you can live with purpose, and so you can experience a tremendously joyful life.

I would love to hear from you!

Do you feel blocked from your creativity? What stops you from expressing yourself and/or creating?

Is it fear? Is it lack of confidence? Is it something else?

Comment below and share! I would love to create some more helpful content around this and your shares are valuable to me! It's also valuable for YOU to share and declare what you want.

With Big Love,


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