Full Body Learning - How to create lasting change

Learning something with the mind is not enough for lasting change.

If we really want deep transformation, if we really want deep integration of new tools, we have to feel it with our bodies too.

We need to have experiences, so the knowing moves down into our whole system. Because at this time on the planet when we have Google at our fingertips, information is not enough.

Learning something new goes in one ear and easily out the other.

Experiencing something powerful stays with you forever.

This week I’m inviting you to explore a new way of relating to food and your body in my Free 3-Part Video Class called Food without Judgement.

We are so hard on ourselves. We have so much judgement wrapped up in the way we look and the way we eat. I’m sharing 3 simple tools and experiential exercises to step into more ease around this.

Just learning and reading about these tools on my facebook or instagram is nice, but until you have an EXPERIENCE of them, you’ll likely keep doing what you’re doing.

Would you like more ease with your food choices?

Would you like to feel more vibrancy in your body? Would you like to turn up the volume on your intuition?

This is a year for powerful CHANGE if you’re ready to take the steps.

Come play! :)

Click here to sign up for the 3 Part class and please share this free gift with any friends you think could benefit from it.

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