Healing without Judgement

A few weeks ago a friend of mine came to me. She’s been taking the natural healing route with her illness for 3 years now and has done fairly well. But the strict diet and the persistent moderate symptoms have been wearing her down. She looked at me with guilt in her eyes and said “Please tell me it’s ok to go back on medication.” 5 days ago I was sitting with a friend at breakfast and she shared about her difficult journey with her daughter’s autism. She said, after 9 years of intense struggle, she had fear of being judged for finally putting her daughter on medication, even after all the natural healing had failed to improve things. Finally she did, and the medication drastically improved the lives of her entire family. I’ve healed naturally before. When I was officially diagnosed with UC in 2015, I was on a natural, herbal and healing foods regimen that took me months and hundreds of dollars, but it worked. And I’ve also had it not work. I’ve had experiences where my body’s been in great pain, and no amount of green juice or probiotics or turmeric could help. Medication did. And I’m grateful. I’m still on medication now. And I’ve had to deal with guilt and shame around what it means to be an advocate for natural healing and also be on medication. "Am I a hypocrite?" "Why doesn’t it work for me?" "What’s wrong with me?" I’m sharing this not to make a statement about medication being right or wrong or natural healing being right or wrong. I’m sharing this to say, to whoever needs to hear it, to follow your own discernment.

Sometimes natural solutions are powerful. Sometimes not.

Sometimes medication is helpful and a great tool that’s available to us.

Sometimes it’s given out as a bandaid for the real things that need changing. No one else can know what’s best for you, except you. Listen to that guidance and trust what feels right and true for you. One of the most powerful parts of the healing journey for me has been generating self-compassion and self-trust. Trust your inner compass. And if nothing else, please just know that you’re not alone.


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