Reducing pain with your Mind

Your most powerful currency is where you put your focus.

Your focus is pure consciousness.

Your focus shapes your reality.

Your focus brings energy wherever it goes.

Your focus heals.

When we have pain or discomfort our first instinct is to avoid it with our mind because (duh), it doesn’t feel good.

But through my healing journey, I’ve found the exact opposite to be the most powerful choice.

In 2015, before I was diagnosed, I remember crying in pain on the toilet one specific night. It was so overwhelming I remember thinking “there is no possible way I can escape this”.

So, instead of trying to fight it, I sent my awareness directly into where I imagined the center of the deepest pain was.

I spoke to it, and I spoke to my body.

“It’s ok love. I am here with you. I’m so sorry you’re in pain. I love you. I’ll take care of you as best I can. What do you need?”

Turns out all she needed was for me to be there for her and to send my healing awareness in. To send breath in. To send love in.

So that’s what I did. And as I did my body began to relax and the pain began the lessen.

This moment was a turning point for me and has become an anchor of how I deal with pain now.

I’m not perfect at it. Sometimes I have to remind myself to do this. But it always helps.

It always makes me feel better, and it always has some positive effect on the pain itself.

So, sending out this reminder to you:

Your most powerful currency is where you put your focus. In all areas of your life.

Whether that be physical pain, illness, or a situation that you’re trying to avoid.

Bathe this situation or this pain in pure, loving consciousness.

And watch it transform.