My Big Vision for 2019 and beyond...

One of the things 2018 brought to me was a clarity around my purpose I've never had before.

I’ve had many powerful experiences with Western Medicine and I appreciate everything it’s provided me. AND I also have experience that there are many pieces of the puzzle that go unacknowledged when I go see a doctor.

I am dedicating my life to bridging this gap. To creating an educational space and place where people can come to receive more progressive, creative, and empowering perspectives on health and healing that they may not get from their traditional doc.

Some examples:

Self-Healing Harnessing the power of the Mind for healing Emotional healing and causes of disease Energy Healing Body Communication Healing with Food Support with food sensitivities Resolving pain and anxiety Spiritual health

And more.

I want to create a school where anyone can come learn about these things. Where people who aren’t able to get answers from Western Medicine, or who don’t resonate with those methods, can come and receive support, education, and not feel alone.

I have felt very alone in my process and I know others do too.

This vision has been born out of my own painful experiences with healing and from the methods I’ve created, discovered and used throughout my own healing journey.

I see a new wave of Medicine being born where we are each empowered to turn inside and harness the incredible, infinite well of wisdom within.

Where we are encouraged to see ourselves not just as physical beings but as emotional, energetic and spiritual beings as well.

Where we are encouraged not to give our power away, but to harness it.

This is my vision, and if you want to come along for the ride, or feel like you could contribute somehow, please feel free to reach out or join my private facebook page (linked in the comments).

My first class of 2019 will be launching soon and I can’t wait to share it with you!!!

Thank you for holding this vision with me and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all! <3

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