A Love Letter to Western Medicine

Dear Western Medicine,

Thank you. Thank you for that time you saved my life.

When I came into the hospital that day, I was at my lowest point. I had what felt like a seizure, alone in my home, and it terrified me.

There was nothing else I could do to help my body. And so I came to you as my last resort.

Thank you for turning things around. Thank you for bringing me back.

In truth, I never wanted to be friends with you. I avoided getting your help because I was scared and because I had judgements of your medicine and your methods. But my path forced me to your doors, and it forced me to see your value and its place in the world.

Because I love you, I have to tell you the truth: You’ve also hurt me.

You’ve dismissed me. You’ve rushed through, without pausing to ask, or to look in my eyes. You’ve talked to me like I’m just something you read about in a book.

And that really freaking hurt.

When I come to you for help, I want to feel your heart. When I come to you with tears, I want to feel your warmth and compassion. When I come to you with concerns and desires, I want you to honor them.

Your books and your studies are great, but there is so much more in front of you, can’t you see?

There is so much more than books can teach. There is so much more to be discovered.

Thank you, AND, we have a long way to go.

Cheers, to our future together. And to a more loving, humble, heart-centered approach to health on Earth.

Deep Bows of Gratitude, Erinn

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