You CAN heal.

Last week, a friend of mine was sharing a story about her experience going off medication.

She discussed this with her doctor, got his perspective, spent much time in research and introspection, and ultimately decided to go off the medicine.

When she told her doctor he literally said to her, “You are not going to be ok”.

She was furious, and so was I when I heard this.

It’s no one’s place to EVER tell you you cannot heal or won’t be ok. Even if they wear a long white coat or have years of schooling or are a healer or a psychic.

Do not give away your power. And understand that inside of you lives a barometer, a wisdom, stronger and more powerful than any book or any class someone else can take.

Your own inner compass and discernment matters. Your choice matters. Your belief matters.

I continue dream of a day in the future when all leaders, teachers, practitioners, doctors, etc., will understand and honor how powerful hope and belief truly are.

The best thing we can all do is to learn what truth feels like in our own bodies.

To develop discernment for what is “right” and “wrong” for YOU. Not for anyone else.

Know that you are a unique being. And your path is your own.

Say outloud with me...

“I call my power back from all times, all people, and all places.

My truth resides within me as my own internal compass. I am my own.”

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