Self-Healing + Meditation

Hi Friends!

I’m a passionate believer in the power we have to heal ourselves with our focused minds.

I first discovered this with my own body in 2015 when my Ulcerative Colitis symptoms started getting really bad. I was in so much physical pain, I couldn't escape it anymore and I couldn't ignore it like I had been. I realized there was only one option send my focused mind and awareness directly into the center of it. It was the only thing I hadn't tried. And so I did.

"Hello", I said, "I am sorry you are in pain. I feel you. I am here with you. I love you. Everything is going to be ok. Tell me what you need, I am here for you." I literally imagined I was cradling the pain like it was a little child that needed my love, and as I stayed with it, the pain started to dissipate.

Pain is a call for attention from the body, but often times we distance ourselves from it because it’s unpleasant. But, if you’re willing, even for 60 seconds, to send your awareness directly to the area that’s calling you, the energy can shift. 🏼 Take slow, deep breaths into your belly and remember that you are not the one in pain, you are the oneobserving the pain. Your body is the one in pain. Send in your love and awareness and open yourself to any messages that your body has for you. I’ve seen this technique work magic with my clients and countless others in my workshops. Often we get angry at pain and the body because it's hindering us from carrying on our lives how we normally do. But that's the point. The pain is alerting you that something isn't working and needs to change. It has an important message for you!

Here is a link to my 5 Minute Self-Healing Meditation. Get yourself comfortable, and take a moment to be with your body, to observe him/her and to send in the healing love and awareness that's needed.

You are not alone. You are gorgeous, and you matter!

Lots of love friends,

XO, Erinn

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