Solid Boundaries for Solid Leaders


Where do I end and someone else begins??

What is mine and what is not?

It's easy to put the cart before the horse when you're passionate about helping others and excited about getting to work, but if you don't have healthy boundaries there's inner work to be done first.

In order to lead powerfully, you need to know where you end and another begins. You need to be able to stand in your "yes" and your "no". You need to be clear on what you will take on and what you won't.

Or else leading will drain you.

I spent years trying to figure out what my mission was and who I wanted to help before I even knew myself. Before I was steady in myself: body, mind and energy.

Now I'm steady.

If you're a sensitive Woman, who feels passionately about helping others and the planet, I have something for you: my new online 3 month class.

Come train yourself to be your own leader and healer, so you can then lead from a place of sovereignty and authenticity. So you can create other leaders through your work instead of just followers.

If this is you, check out the free 3-Video Orientation for my Body Bridge course.

Enrollment closes in a few days!

Come discover your unique magic and awaken your self-leadership.

Blessings, from one tender heart to another.

🌈✌🏼😘 xoxo, Erinn McMurtrie

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