"Etherea", Queen of the Air

I'm so excited to share my newest creation with you!

I encourage you to take it in with some presence and breath to receive healing and activation from her. I'm certain the reason I'm being so powerfully called to create these art pieces is because their frequency and colors are healing & activating.

This piece started with one clear intention, as most of my pieces do. This time is was simply, to let go.

I always like to try new things and expand my bravery muscles with each piece. It's so easy to overthink what I'm doing, especially toward the end when I've invested so much time into it. But I just kept pushing myself to try new things or jump outside my comfort zone. And I'm so pleased with how she turned out...

I love her juicy energy, I love her sparkles and I love how dreamy she feels. Perfect for the Queen of Air.

When I was heading to the Prayers of the Womb Retreat in Hawaii, I saw a giant ROUND rainbow from inside the plane. I'm so delighted, to see that this rainbow ended up here in this piece.

I love when that happens and I love how my art reveals things to me. Each piece feels alive in that way :)

During the process, as she started to take form, I started to see some similarities between her and my last piece, "Gaia", and it occurred to me to create a series of 4; each piece representing one of the 4 elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Below are some progress pics of "Etherea", thanks for coming along for the ride with me and stay tuned for the next piece which will be representing the Element of Fire (I'm very excited about this one being a double Leo myself).

This is "Etherea", Acrylic on Canvas board, 16x20, Feb/March 2018