The Body Bridge Experience - Enrollment Open!

Many of you have commented, so lovingly, on the videos Josh and I have been creating together lately. Thank you so much.

Below is the Full 5 Minute Video :)

It is really cool to come together on this project, and be captured by someone who truly gets me and my vision at the deepest level. What a gift you are to all of us, Josh McMurtrie <3

For the last 5 years I’ve taken many trainings to refine my skills as a coach. But for some reason I never really resonated with that word. I realized, finally, it’s because I am a teacher. And that helped me understand my vision for a different kind of education in our world.

Education opportunities where we can learn how to be better at managing the biggest tool at our disposal: our Humanity.

Learning connection with the intelligence of the body, training for the mind so we aren’t overrun by stress and anxiousness, and learning about the energetics of ourselves and the world around us.

This is the inspiration for my first online course, The Body Bridge Experience, and this is what Josh and I have been working on. :)

We’re creating beautiful, high-quality video lessons for a 3 month online transformational class that starts in 2 weeks.

This is like no class you’ve ever taken before.

This is an experience.

Now’s the time :)

If this is calling you, contact me or check out this link for more details <3

There are 3 investment options and you can even apply for a scholarship!

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