Meet the Universe where it's at.

Today I woke up with this heavy feeling....

A tiredness and a resistance I haven't felt in a while.

I tried talking about it, that didn't help. I tried moving, that didn't help.

And then I remembered something..."Meet the Universe where it's at."

I sat down at my meditation spot, closed my eyes and just felt it. Holding space for it to just be, without the pressure of me trying to shut it out or "heal" it. It actually felt good to just surrender to it.

As I sat with this energy and it slowly started to dissipate.

So, I wanted to share and offer this today:

If there's something in your life, in your body, in your world that you are resisting, I invite you to spend a few minutes just being with it.

Sit alone, quiet, in a safe space. Close your eyes, be still, feel. Let it amplify. Know that you won't be destroyed by this feeling, sensation or emotion, it's simply energy.

Feel it, acknowledge it, let it be free to be there if it wants, even just for a few minutes. Give it space to breathe. Hold it like you would a little child and let it be comforted by your pure presence.

I keep learning over and over that all these parts of me just want to be acknowledged.

They want to be seen and felt and heard, just like I do.

Blessings, friend <3

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