This piece holds a special place in my heart.

I started this piece at the beginning of 2018 in January with the only intention of making a mandala. I also recorded all the time I spent painting on this piece for the first time because I was curious about how long my processes were taking.

At about the 30 hour mark I realized I was painting the island of Hawaii, which is interesting because I had an upcoming trip to Hawaii for a Women's retreat planned in February.

My approach to art is often that I start with a small idea and then I let the energy of the piece itself guide the process and take me on a journey. Realizing what I was creating was like a funny little wink from the universe.

I love how painting is such a teacher for me, such an amazing mirror and playground for my life and for explorations of my internal and external world.

This piece will always, for me, capture that wild, exotic nature of Hawaii and of Planet Earth and our incredible connectedness to it all.

May it do the same for you and all that look upon it.

Xxo, E


16in x 20in

Acrylic on Canvas board