What is Self-Centering?

Today I'm writing and recording a 5min Self-Centering meditation for you.

Self-Centering is a continual practice of coming back to that place of peace that always exists inside yourself. It's coming back to the center of your being, time and time again, and becoming so intimately familiar with this place and space that you become anchored there.

And no matter what happens around you or in the world, you come right back to that place, as a way to connect you to your sovereignty, your peace, and your power.

This is one of the foundational tools I'll be teaching during my upcoming 3 month program, The Body Bridge Experience.

For now, check out the link for a glorious 5 minute Self-Centering guided meditation to help you develop this skill on your own. <3

Lots of Love, friends <3 E

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