If you're a serial Giver...

As a serial giver, I can easily forget to ask for support.

A couple years ago I realized I was creating stress and difficulty for myself because I felt like that was the only way I could reach out for help - if there was something wrong.

What if we could feel free to ask for what we needed, to ask for help, and to receive it freely, even when there’s nothing wrong?

This year I am stepping into the art of RECEIVING and practicing being on both ends of this beautiful exchange.

Universe, I am ready and willing to receive! Glorious support, nourishing friendships, abundance, clients, energy, and a Home to call our own.

My receiving of these things is a gift that will allow me to ripple more light and abundance out into the world. To you. To everyone I come in contact with and even with those that I never meet.

So today, I want to offer… If you’re a serial giver, how can you step into receiving a little more? How can you ask for support today? And how can you create that opening even when things are going WELL?

Because there’s someone out there who would LOVE to give what you’re craving, and you give them a gift by receiving it.

There is enough abundance, love, and joy for us ALL.

But we are human, and we can't do it alone.

Love you, my Earth brothers and sisters <3

#energy #relationship #Healing #trust #InnerWisdom

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