Get in your body

You are more powerful when you're IN your body.

When we're always in our heads we're only occupying the top half of life, the top half of our bodies.

The body is an antenna for TWO energies: Cosmic/Divine and Earth.

We can't function to our highest thrive-ability if we're only tuned into one. We need both.

We can't bring our full selves here, we can't manifest the fullness of our dreams, our power, potential, if we're not fully here.

Especially for spiritually attuned beings, it's often much easier and instinctual to focus and function in the upper energies and the upper parts of our bodies: Mind, Heart, Spirit, Throat, Vision, intuition, etc.

I've spoken to many people that have gained weight or manifested dis-ease since their spiritual awakening and this is why: your body is anchoring you back down to Earth and trying to keep you grounded.

When you're balanced between spiritual and grounded energies this is when your body is more resourced to come back into equilibrium with weight, inflammation, etc.

So today, take time to tune into your lower body, even if it's just for a moment. Feel your belly, your hips, your legs and feet.

Feel yourself connected to the Earth, even if you aren't on the Earth you can still call her in to support you. <3

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