Working on this piece has literally expanded my brain.

When I think of artists like Alex Grey who have massive, detailed, layered creations I can't even imagine the brilliance it takes to hold the entire vision all at once and then bring it to life over days, months, possibly years of time.

I stared at this piece for hours when it was all pencil, and envisioned about 1000 different things I could do, directions I could take, choices I could make. Seeing infinite possibilities and trying to hold them all in my consciousness was like brain yoga.

I even stopped at times just to let out a squeaky giggle because it felt like my brains were being tickled!

I'm really excited to see this completed, and to see the vision the universe was holding the whole time, while I was trusting, layer by layer.

This is a great lesson for me:

Life has the bigger picture in mind, whereas I can only see what's directly in front of me.

Let go. Trust. Step forward. Repeat. <3

This piece started out with me just playing with a ruler across a page and I ended up deciding to tape two of them together to make a totally new shape.

Someone told me it looked like the inside of a crystal or a diamond. I really liked that, and the imagery has stuck with me.

Xxo, E

#transformation #energy