I love how each piece has it's own soul, it's own evolution.

I love the process of discovery from the moment I get the final sketch, to the moment painting when I finally catch a glimpse of the whole piece coming together.

This piece started out with just me playing with a ruler, and this is where it took me.

There are two ways that I like to create and I teeter-totter, mix and match, between the two.

The 1st way - I think about it. Allow a tiny idea to come in and then follow that idea in my head. Try on different colors or textures or shapes. Considering multiple options.

The 2nd way - Go with it. Let go, pick the color that occurs first, make the move without thinking. Follow the energy. Let go of thinking.

My art is a combination of these two and I'm always bouncing between the two. Allowing the process to be like floating down a river, discovering more with every step, and not needing to know all the answers or decisions before you get started.

Let it take YOU on a journey.

Here is Starport in Acrylic and Watercolor paper

What do you see in it?

#sacredgeometry #elements #art #power #creativity #divine

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