Did you know you have a superpower?

For most of my life, I’ve been so sensitive that life has felt overwhelming.

I’ve been so self-aware that my mind raced around trying to make sure I was pleasing everyone: tracking everything in my environment, using the “right” words and intonations, giving my full presence in every conversation, staying in places and spaces that felt draining, replaying things I said or did, and just generally trying to make sure everyone around me was comfortable and felt loved by me.

As you might guess (and may have experienced), this was exhausting. And it caused me to numb myself with food/drinking/smoking, to hide out in my home, and to hang my self-worth on other peoples’ perceptions of me.

Without knowing it, I was using my sensitivity against myself - draining my life force and trapping my passion, creativity and fire inside myself.

Eventually, that energy erupted, and manifested itself into an illness. A powerful, very loud, very uncomfortable illness that forced me to look inside. It forced me to come back into my body and to listen to what I needed. It forced me to say “no". And eventually, it helped me restore my health, exploded my creativity, and finally find my voice and purpose

From this experience, I learned to take all my sensitivity, all that awareness that was focused on the outside world and on other people, and to turn it inward on myself.

Now, my sensitivity for my own experience is what guides me. The nuances and subtlety inside myself. Rather than tracking the outside world, I’m tracking my inside world.

THIS is sensitivity used to support my life force, rather than drain it.

Some symptoms of super-sensitivity

(all of which I have personally experienced):

Anxiety, depression, racing mind, overwhelm.

Self-numbing with food, tv, smoking, drinking, shopping.

Emotions and feelings that don’t seem like they’re yours.

Difficulty with intense movies, television, etc.

Taking on other peoples’ pain, problems, emotions.

Worrying *for* others.

Physical pain, inflammation, upset stomach, weight gain.

Feeling dizzy, ungrounded, mental heaviness or fog.

These are all symptoms of unharnessed super-sensitivity.

You are not weak. You are actually a fucking wizard with awesome powers.

And with a little practice, self-devotion and guidance, you can start using them to support the thriving, purposeful life you crave.

If you want to learn more about how to hone and carve your sensitivity into your superpower, check out my 6 Week Online group program here.

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